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Welcome to Fit Moms Blog!

I am Colleen Freeman; a mom, a doctor of physical therapy… and now, the founder of Fit Moms Blog!

Owner and Founder of Fit Moms Blog

I am here to answer your anonymous questions about women’s health and motherhood. I get asked the same questions over and over – whispered over a coffee date or between strollers, women worried they aren’t “normal” and wondering what is. Answering these questions is so much fun for me, sometimes it’s an easy answer but other times I get fired up and take my friend down a rabbit hole of information.

That’s where Fit Moms Blog comes in – I want to share the answers to your “secret” questions with everyone! Because, your “secret” questions are actually really common… !

My Physical Therapy Roots

I started as an orthopedic physical therapist – think low back pain and sprained ankles. I often got asked for my professional opinion at social gatherings by friends, and total strangers. Questions are nothing new to me. In fact, I even had a friend ask me about her locked jaw – I ended up grabbing some gloves and putting my hands in her mouth right then and there to see if I could help ease her pain. Nothing seems to be off limits as a PT.

I enjoyed my day job as an ortho PT. But, something changed in me after having my son. I had a new passion…

Enter, women’s health and fitness!

Also enter not a lot of readily available and reliably sourced information about women’s health and fitness as well.

Social Media: A Love/Hate Relationship

I noticed a distinct lack of sound advice and guidance for moms on the internet. I’d see genuine questions on social media about pain with sex or “mummy tummy” and then well-meaning, but just plain wrong advice from other moms. I would cringe every time. 

But why should these women have the most up-to-date, evidence based information regarding their own bodies? Most information regarding women’s health is difficult to access, out dated, and weighed down with medical jargon. Or it’s from an influencer on social media trying to sell you a program that leaves you wondering … “does she know what she’s talking about?” Ain’t no mom got time for that.

Mom communities exist because we are searching for friends, searching for advice, searching for someone else’s experience that may help guide us on our own path. I have benefitted immensely from other moms’ experiences – this blog is a way for me to pay it back and pay it forward!

So for every mom who has wondered about pain with sex, inability to hold in farts, or why you spray the side of your leg with pee when you go to the bathroom (all real questions I’ve been asked!)…

Enter, me!

Your Anonymous Questions, Answered!

I want to answer your anonymous questions in my blog for a few reasons:

  1. You get evidence based information from a professional without ever leaving the comfort of your yoga pants and messy bun.
  2. You may find your question that you thought was *so embarrassing* and “surely no one else has ever had this problem…” is actually quite common and has already been asked and answered. I know more than a few of you women laughed knowingly when they read the “peeing on your leg” question!
  3. I get some questions over and over and over again – “Do I have diastasic recti? How do I return to running after giving birth? What core exercises can I do during pregnancy? After birth? I’m pregnant and my low back hurts, what do I do?” The list goes on. Writing this blog allows me to share this information with more moms. And that is a win-win!

Your New, Favorite Mom Friend

But why should you trust me? Who the heck am I to be starting a blog? Well, let me answer that with an obnoxiously humble-brag list of my accomplishments… read on to have you socks knocked off.

  1. I am a mom. BOOM. Certainly not the best mom in the world, but I make ends meet each day. I get the struggle of motherhood and can relate to the needs and desires of Our People.
  2. I am a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist – wait, what? This certification basically means I take evidence based practice pretty darn seriously. So seriously, I studied really hard and then took an exam to prove it. Less than 10% of PTs go on to get board certified (in ortho, pelvic health, sports, geriatrics, oncology, pediatrics, etc). In a nutshell, it’s a certification that is really important to other PTs but… not that important to pretty much anyone else. But, I did a good job making it sound really cool, right??
  3. I was a physical therapist in the Navy – I deployed on an aircraft carrier on an around-the-world deployment where I was the musculoskeletal expert on the ship for 5,000 people. Nothing like a little trial by fire for my first job as a licensed PT. (I also met my husband on that deployment, we were “Boat Boos” – IYKYK – that turned into real life married with kids!)
  4. I am certified in Pilates-based rehab. After saying farewell to the Navy, I followed my passions to mix fitness and rehab together. I have seen some really cool transformations with Pilates. I have also taught group fitness classes designed specially for postpartum women.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, I was on the Principal’s Advisory Committee in high school. Impressed? I thought you would be. No further explanation necessary.

As a physical therapist, my #1 goal is education. And that is also the #1 goal of this blog. The #2 goal is that you might give a little chuckle here and there. 

Send Me Your Questions!

So, with that introduction – what are you questions?

Nothing is off limits. And I promise nothing is too weird or awkward – if you are wondering, I can guarantee someone else is wondering too. Your question will be anonymous, promise. To get your question answered, you can send me a DM on instagram @fit.moms.blog or Facebook Fit Moms Blog, or send me a good ol’ fashioned email at colleen@fitmomsblog.com. Or, if you don’t give a rip about being anonymous, just leave a comment anywhere on Fit Moms Blog!

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